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2013 24P DEMO REEL for DOWNLOAD from Wayne Mann on Vimeo.


2013 REEL TWO for DOWNLOAD from Wayne Mann on Vimeo.




What's new at HeliCam as of November 2014

We have updated all of the text on all of the pages on our website. We are developing a new mainstream
style website that will launch just after the first of the year. We have updated all of our equipment over
the last two years. We are now using UAVs or Multirotors (Drones if you watch the news) for aerial filming.
Using drones for filming aerial video and still photography has greatly improved the overall image quality
and they are much safer to operate than R/C Helicopters for many reasons. Camera technology has come
a tremendously long way in recent years. We are now blessed to have cameras like the Red Epic, the Red
Dragon and Carbon Dragon. Then on the middle to lower end of the scale we have Canon's C100, C300,
C500 and Blackmagics Production camera 4K, the Blackmagic Cinema camera and the Blackmagic Pocket
Cinema camera. But, let's not forget Panasonic's stelar new GH4 4K capable camera. This little camera has
amazing picture quality and a ton of pro features. And last, but not least is Sony's new low light monster
the A7S. So in a nut shell these are exciting times to be int he film production world.

But, the single biggest upgrade for the aerial video world has been the development of three axis brushless
direct drive gimbals. Thses gimbals have very similar performance to Cineflex gimbals. We have several
custom built gimbals that are Alexmos based that we use with smaller cameras like the GH4 and we also
own a DJI Ronin for use with larger cameras like Epics and Dragons. We also rent Movi gimbals when

Here at HeliCam Aerial Media Services we specialize in capturing stunning Aerial Video from unique and creative
perspectives. We are based out of Greensboro NC. We are set up to travel via Airline if needed and we cover
the entire United States and abroad. Our Aerial Video business has sent us to places like Los Angeles CA,
Savannah GA, Wilmington NC, Orlando FL, Omaha NE, Dallas TX, New Orleans LA, Jackson MS, Vancouver,
Montreal Canada, and to New York City NY, just to name a few.

Here at HeliCam Aerial Media Services we employ custom built Multirotors or UAVs to capture that unique
perspective from angles and altitudes that are unattainable from full scale aircraft, Jibs, Cranes or Dollies.

Our Philosophy:

Ultimately, our goal is to create the highest quality aerial video and aerial photography based on each client's
specific needs. We never forget how important the client is.
Because our works of art are driven by each customers dreams, when completed they expand our
conception of what is possible. So let's dream together and make it a reality!






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